Justin "Juddy" Brando
Juddy Brando
Vital statistics
Race Radiant-infused human
Age 19 (assumed)
Status Deceased
Element Fire (assumed)
Physical attributes
Height 6'1
Weight Unknown
Justin "Juddy" Brando is an antagonist that appears in the non-canon Trollfic Crossover and is also the main protagonist of Luminescent Harmony's sister project, Lumaistly Hermerny.

He is presumably of the Fire element like his regular counterpart.

Personality Edit

Justin Brando is ruthless, abusive and controlling.

Trivia Edit

In the Lumaistly Hermerny version of the events, Justin Brando is the one who successfully defeats and kills Juddy rather than the other way around.

Quotes Edit

How dare you speak out of turn, you worthless dog!!

Perhaps now, this mutt shall know her, where was I…? Oh, yes…my pesky alternate.

Radiant Eye, hm? That glorified berserk mode is beyond me now.

WRRRRYYYY!Justin Brando's last word